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Club History

The name Oxonian was first used by a cycling club in Oxfordshire in 1885 until 1900, when the club disappeared. It was not until after the first World War in 1923 that the Oxford City Road Club was founded, in 1927 a group of grass track members decided to start a break away club and calling it the OXONIAN CYCLING CLUB. Since then the club has become one of the largest cycling clubs in Oxfordshire.

The Club has produced many successful riders in time trialling and on the track, who have gone on to becoming national competition riders.

Ron Foxley in the 1940/50s was one of the top track riders in the U.K being short listed for the 1952 Helsinki games and is holder of many of the club track records.

Several club members have produce results that at the time were record breaking.

In 1951 Norman (Nibs) Burnard was the 1st rider in the Oxford area under the hour for a 25 miles.

In 1960 Mick Bowen was the first local rider under two hours for a 50 miles and held Club 25 mile record of 53.22 set in 1984 for almost 30 years until 2013. Mick Bowen first got under the hour in 1958  and held most of the time trial records during the 1950/60s.

Nick Gardiner started as a junior winning the club junior B.A.R title in 1985/86.

Ceri Pritchard (son of John) won the juvenile B.A.R title in 1991.

In 2009 Tom Yeatman broke the junior national 25m record, both Tom and his brother Rob started their racing as members of the club.

The club 10m record still held since 1995 by Ian Sanderson another fast T.T rider in the club.

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