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Introduction to the Oxonian Cycling Club

The Oxonian Cycling Club founded in 1927 , is open to all .

We have approximately 180 members who include a wide range of ages, abilities and types of cyclist.

We are principally a road cycling club, organised around weekend club runs, weekly time trialing and winter cyclo-cross. Many members also participate in road racing, sportive events , long distance audax and touring. Other members ride off-road, or attend sessions at local tracks. This range of activities usually enables people to find someone, or a group within our club, who share their particular interests.

Our ‘club runs’ are led by experienced members, using the quieter country lanes around the county and incorporating a cafe stop along the route. The distance is normally around 50 miles, with a pace dictated by the group's ability, so that no one gets dropped or left behind. Just turn up and introduce yourself, or if you are uncertain about whether the ride would be suitable for you, ‘contact us’ to find out more first. See ‘diary’ for details of our Saturday and Sunday rides.

The Oxonian Cycling Club  run a time trial league,  holding weekly time trial events from April through to September. See ‘time trial race calendar’ for details.

We encourage young people to get involved and enjoy cycling for fitness and competitive racing, and have a British Cycling ‘Go-Ride’ programme to help us promote this aim.

During the racing season we hold a fortnightly "chain gang" session followed by a social evening. During the winter months we hold weekly (coached) circuit and turbo sessions, as well as continuing our weekly club runs.


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