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Open Time Trials

Oxonian CC organises a number of Open Time Trial events.  These events are open to members of any CTT-affiliated club.  These events require pre-entry, usually at least a fortnight in advance.

Details of our open events can be found on the Race Calendar.  You can find details of other open time trials on the CTT website.

Entering an Open Time Trial

As noted above, open events must be entered in advance.  Most events now accept online entry, through the CTT website.  Alternatively, you may enter by posting an entry form (available from the CTT website), and fee, to the organiser.

Having entered you should receive a copy of the startsheet through the post four or 5 days before the event. This will contain a list of all riders entered and show their allotted start times. The startsheet will also have details of the event HQ, course details as well as other information which may be specific to that event. Please make sure that you read it carefully and take note of any specific instructions. Many startsheets are also available on the CTT website

Please note that in Open Events competitors are not allowed to carry any form of advertising (club name excepted) on their clothing unless their club has paid the advertising fee in addition to the affiliation fee.  This is different to what is allowed in Club Events.  If you race in club kit, it must be the kit of the club of which you are a first claim member.

If the event is oversubscribed and the organiser has to return your entry, you should get it back within a couple of days of the closing date.  Acceptance of entry for events is based on rider performances and not a first come basis.

Results will be displayed at the event HQ after the event and you will receive a hardcopy resultsheet through the post with 28 days of the event. Many event results will also be displayed on the CTT website.

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